Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Frozen Assets

The ethereal post-rock music of Sigur Ros accompanied me while I was reading this Scandinavian mystery.  It is also thanks the above-mentioned band that I have a great idea of how Iceland looks, the land, the people and even the food. I watched a documentary Heimas the band made about a home tour they did which was free and open to everyone to come and listen.  It made me realise that Iceland got all of the good parts… it is so incredibly beautiful!  I wanted to plan my next overseas trip there just so (even though I would probably freeze my butt off and starve) I could experience for myself this awe-inspiring country.  With all of the countries that I have visited this year in my Scandinavian mystery challenge, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway, I have had no idea what each country has looked like, so it was really nice to know for a change.

There is a setback, however.  An Englishman wrote the story, and I noticed some English mannerisms and slang (maybe they have been adopted?).  So it’s not the complete Icelandic experience. Good story though.  Lots of suspense, and I loved the Icelandic names. I learned a thing or two and shuddered a time or two (“would you like some fat on that? prawn sandwich anyone? “… a vegan nightmare). 

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