Friday, August 23, 2013

Non Fiction Noms

This year I started off with Japanese Foods That Heal by John and Jan
 Belleme.  I learned something I did not know (bonus!), and also found out that the way I have been habitually eating since becoming a vegan is pretty healthy.  Especially the past two years when I started eating more Japanese food: Miso, Tamari, Green Tea, Tofu and Soy milk.   Add to that brown rice, Matcha powder and Edamame and my diet looks pretty healthy during the wintertime which is when I favour this kind of food.  Give myself a huge pat on the back!
Moving along to Superfoods For Dummies by Bret Alin et. Al.,
I admit I haven’t been paying too much attention to all the hype about the “superfood”.  It is only curiosity that got me to look at this book, and I found out something kind of shocking.  I eat a lot of superfood… without even trying to.  Phew!  I guess.  What I did find shocking is how lots of people don’t eat the same way.  There was lots of coaxing in this book, suggestions for how someone could incorporate a superfood or two into their diet, and how it would eventually become a habit.  Now that is scary!
The Oxford Book of Health Foods by J. G. Vaughn.
Another shocking read… shocking because of some of the things that they considered to be healthy.
Gorilla Food by Aaron Ash
Local author!  So local I have even been to the restaurant Gorilla Food, just located down the street from my favourite used books store in downtown Vancouver.  I can testify that the truffles are decadently delicious.   Raw foods is a new interest for me.  I have been reading whatever I can find for the past two years, looking for something that will promote better health for myself, and the raw food movement seems to be it (when it’s warm enough!).  I have been waiting for our garden to grow some of the ingredients I need to test this book out, so I might get back to you later with some food porn…yum.

Any way you shake it, a vegan raw food diet is a really primo one, full of variety, health and joy because of the benefits to and for the planet and our bodies, I will leave you with a little ‘funny‘, which really cracked me up when I first saw it because this particular question has been asked of me many times over during my life as a herbivore…

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