Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Martian Chronicles

It was irresistable, I had to buy this.  I opened it up and saw the first story Ylla and I just had to have it!
But the enthrallment pretty much stopped there...
Because I love Ray Bradbury so much, and because I love this book the best, I thought that this adaptation might be good. It is the authorised version which makes me wonder who else might have done something along these lines. There is something lacking however. Something that didn't translate as well from the written word to this graphic format. I still like it, I think it was well done, I especially liked the artists image of the's just that the dialogue seemed a little chunky and arranged in such a way that it didn't flow as well as Bradbury's prose always has. Perhaps it was too difficult to do so, after all Bradbury was a master of metaphor. I still highly recommend this book, from a fangirl/collector's point of view, it will be placed amongst my Bradbury collection.

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