Friday, January 8, 2016

Fifteen Dogs

A gift from DH this past Christmas.
Not exactly what I thought it might be and even better than my wildest dreams could expect.
A story based on a bet between two Greek gods, involving fifteen dogs who have been given human attributes.  Things become humanly messy for these dogs, there are factions, fears and alliances that change the dynamics of being a dog and the simple pack mind. There is beauty and joy too (even one doggy soul who composes poetry). After that things for the pack become chaotic and violent ( I did liken this particular section of the book to Golding's  Lord of the Flies).  This apolog was fascinating, emotionally evocative, and perhaps the closest I have ever seen a book of fiction get to the true nature of the canine.  I don't believe that anyone who has ever loved and lost a companion dog will be able to put this down in a hurry, or will be able to get through the last two chapters without tears.
Once again I have encountered a Giller Prize winning book that has altered my perspective on something in my life, and look forward to reading more from this author.

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