Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Time of Changes

There are a few things I am particularly fond of in a novel, a story told in the first person, or one told in diary form.   One of my most favorite storylines are about worlds that have a colony of descendants from Earth, so we have a combination of some of my favorite things.  I love to see how these transplanted humans get along, what way they are different from good old Earthlings, and what they have done to possibly pervert what used to be the norm.  I also like a lot of background information, though you can't possibly put that in one book, especially one of this size, so ultimately I felt that there was a little something missing in this novel, but I try not to let that bias me, because not everyone can be as prolific about their post-earth world like say... Anne McCaffrey. 
There were lots of references to Earth (so apparently this story is not too far in the future).  The story rolled along at a steady clip, kept me engaged but while I'm thinking about it, there was one character, who was a catalyst to the crisis in the story, who just disappeared at a certain point and I didn't see anything about him again.
It was a baffling but interesting romp, in a not too strange world with a uniquely formed culture.  It won the Nebula so there's got to be a good reason for that right?

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