Tuesday, March 26, 2013


The last book that Agatha Christie wrote... just as good as the first!  Lot's of misdirection, suspects, and mysterious behaviour which only makes sense at the very end (as it should).  I discovered early on in my readings of a Christie murder mystery that it's best not to try and figure out who did it, but just to enjoy the journey.  Not only is this great detective fiction, but a blast from the past.  A visit to an era that I never lived in but feel that I would have enjoyed,  genteel people living in a simpler time.  When things just seemed to be tidier, though of course, people are still just folks with hopes, dreams, and the baser wishes and needs, sex, jealousy, dirty secrets and a grisly murder or two...  Every era has them, but it's lovely to visit Agatha Christie's, murders and all.

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