Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Dragon Turn: The Boy Sherlock Holmes, His Fifth Case

I don't think this book was really meant to be read on it's own.  That's not a criticism!  I think that if I had read the previous four books I would have developed a relationship with the protagonist, but since this was the fifth book in the series I found it a little hard to relate to Peacock's Sherlock Holmes.  There was a lot of information threads in there, but they weren't complete enough for me to catch up to the story (not a criticism!  I get that it would be tough to recap four books in a short amount of time, and given that this is meant for young adults, it would have to be brief!). 
For someone who is not familiar with the original Sherlock Holmes or with mystery/detective stories in general, and who has read the series from the beginning, I think that they would really enjoy The Boy Sherlock Holmes.  It is a great taking off point into the genre. If I ever got the chance, I would, after the series is complete, spend a nice weekend reading the lot, and if I had a niece or nephew showing interest in the genre I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this collection.
And of course...I absolutely adored Scuttle!

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