Monday, March 3, 2014

Dear Mr. Knightley

Saw this last week on Book Riot and on a whim downloaded it from Amazon within minutes (I still get a huge thrill whenever I do that!).  I then put it off for a few days because Emma has to be one of my least favourite books by Jane Austen.  After a vlog binge on Sunday watching Emma Approved I felt up to the task of reading what I thought might be a modern version of Emma...boy was I pleasantly surpised!
I started reading it yesterday and finished it this morning... I actually stayed up past my bedtime last night and probably would have stayed up until I finished but I am still recuperating from an illness that I had last week, so I had to go to bed.
I had no thought but to finish up this wonderful book this morning, and I was suprised again at the end!
I get the protagonist Sam Moore.  I had an immediate connection with her, that just deepened the further I read in to the book.  I rooted for her, cared for her, was sad for her and in the end extremely proud and pleased. 
I feel that if you love the same books as another person does, it opens doors that might other wise be closed, and with this story I was drawn in because both Sam and I share a love of the same kind of literature.  It is always very exciting to meet someone (even a fictional one) who understands your literary references, and though I don't have a friend like that, after reading this I really wish that I had one.
I have already ordered the paperback version because this story is something that I would love to revisit, and nothing is better than holding it in your hand while you do so.

I finished the book with a particular song in mind which seems quite appropriate.  The song has been a favourite of mine for a long time, and was the very first one I ever heard sung by Luke Steele.  The refrain has always touched me "When you think with your mind, you've got a place to go now..."
I hope you will listen and love it like I do:   Good Dancers  
Plus you should just go and read this book too, and to get the full experience, there is a list of the books referenced in the story in the back of the book. 
I will be keeping an eye out for whatever Katherine Reay writes next!

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