Monday, March 31, 2014

What Men Live By and Other Tales

I cannot reveal or discuss too much some feelings I have about people and how they choose to practise their religion.  That being said I will reference for you my own personal feelings and wishes here in this post .  While I am at times heartbroken by other's actions in the name of their gods I  take heart when I find such treasures as this and it elevates my hopes for a better future.  In my life I have met or heard of people who have earnt my greatest admiration for their personal religious beliefs and Leo Tolstoy is one of them.
Here is a collection of four delightful short stories illustrating something more than just faith, but purity of spirit and a wisdom that ought not to be ignored or denied. 
It was a pleasure and priviledge for me to read them and I would encourage anyone to read them as well (preferably while listening to Tchiakovsky's  Symphony No.1 in G Minor Op. 13 "Winter Daydreams").
I have always admired the story "The Three Questions" written and illustrated by Jon J. Muth and have also read this aloud to classes before with good results.  I have relished the opportunity to share with my kids my favourite authors and it feels good when the students show more of an interest in someting that they know is a favourite of mine. 
I sometimes think I should make my own list of books that I think people should read, or as I think it most appropriately labeled, "Books That it Would Be an Awful Shame to Miss Because They Would Truly Enrich Your Life".  A lot of Tolstoy would be on that list!

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