Friday, June 9, 2017

The Playbook

Today's latest book by Kwame Alexander.  I listened to The Playbook  (narrated by Ruffin Prentiss) this morning.  What a treat!  I have previously enjoyed reading his verse novels Crossover  

and Booked. 

The Playbook is this brilliantly conceived guide to life with stories about famous athletes and other celebrities who have worked hard for what they have.  It is a great guide to 12-year-old kids on how you can get what you want if you work hard enough, and there are some pointers on what you could do if at first you don't succeed.  There are very inspirational quotes on how to keep on trying, but also how it's okay to change your path along the way to finding that right 'fit' for yourself.  
It's very interesting because not only do you get some short bios on truly successful athletes but you also get some information about Alexander himself and his own struggles, failures and achievements.  
It's all really constructive and definitely a must for every grade seven classroom.  If I could, I would travel around to every school I could reach and hand out complete sets of these three books (as well as their audio versions). 

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