Sunday, June 25, 2017

This Instead of That

If you are looking for an easy-going read, something perfect for a reading vacation, or just a really good book, Charlaine Harris is your writer.  Just recently I tried out a new cosy mystery series which I wrote about here  and sadly, it was not a fun experience (the television movies were way better).

 This is actually a very good example of the book being vastly superior to the movie (or television show).  I preferred Harris' Sookie Stackhouse Series to the television show True Blood (which was so popular, but I couldn't stand what they had done to my favourite characters).  Also, Hallmark's version of Harris' Aurora Teagarden is  a little too sweet for  my liking (and takes away from the sizzling and intense relationship between Aurora and Martin Bartell).  I do have big hopes for what might be done with her Midnight trilogy that will be screening this summer.
I digress (sorry).
It is because of  re-runs of the Aurora Teagarden shows that I re-visited the books ( I like to re-set my perceptions after watching because I want the right story to stick in my head).  Though I shouldn't be too judgmental about the television shows because it has got Harris writing new stories about Aurora which is really awesome (yeah you caught me... I still watch the shows even though I didn't like them too much because I just love Aurora Teagarden).

So, getting back on topic.  For me, Harris' books are always a good, relaxing read.  They don't ask too much from you and entertain in a way that is unique and exciting (every time!).  I have lost count of how many times I have re-read her books (and I have all of her series).  Harris has this special quality that makes her books extremely interesting, fully engaging and unique in their combination of genres.  Also, her series have never been boring, each book is as attractive as the one before and I have always been very satisfied with the conclusion of every series.    These are great books to come back to, because I just can't help caring so much for her leading characters, as they are so lovable (which is why I just couldn't connect with Fluke's Hannah Swenson... I just didn't like her).

So in between all the books I will be reading this summer for my two literature courses, I will be inserting some Charlaine Harris who it is always a pleasure to see again.

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