Monday, February 6, 2012

Brisingr: The Inheritance Cycle again!

This is the second time that I have read this book.    I kind of raced through it the first time because I had re-read the other two in preparation, and I had grown a little irritated with how much had been borrowed from other works of fantasy fiction.  I admit I was being a little judgmental and that this third book irritated me because of how indulgent it was.  The story was not so tight as the other two before and seemed to meander more than I could tolerate, and I was under the impression that this third book was the last of what was then known as the Inheritance Trilogy.  So by the end, when I discovered that this story was not over, I was cross.   I fully expected it to be wrapped up and was confused throughout the whole book because it didn't seem like it was going anywhere, and I had this fear that after all I had already read that the author was going to flub the ending and that I would be disappointed.

Not so with the second read through.  This time, with a difference in expectation, it all made better sense, and the story did not seem to meander as much as previously.  I maintain that it was still indulgent, but that is the authors pleasure and right.  I couldn't help but giggle a bit when Eragon was looking for another sword because the scene was so incredibly Potterlike, I expected an 'Ollivanderism' to pop out at any second.    He did however, get another sword, and it was a pretty good story.  Now, onto the fourth (and last!) installment of this saga, Inheritance.  I really don't know what to expect and I am looking forward to the conclusion.

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