Friday, February 24, 2012

Sitting Down and Giving Away

The next two chapters in this book have ended in mixed results for me.  One chapter suggests sitting down when you eat, no problem... I can do that.  I just don't like eating at the dinner table preferring my reading chair or the couch in front of the television. I have even gone as far as predicting that one day, if I happened to out-live my husband (and I can already tell you that that is not allowed to happen becuase I insist on going first), that I would probably get rid of all dining room furniture and turn the room into a library or reading room.   And I don't know why.  It bugs me, so I have ignored this chapter quite vigorously.  So naturally this time I made myself look at it properly.  Geneen is right... if I had guests over for dinner I would not expect them to eat on the couch.  So why do I do it?  I really don't know.  When we first moved in to this house the dining room was just awful.  Closed in and with really dreadful wallpaper on the walls, and so very dark and dreary. 
Dreadful isn't it?  I am glad to say that DH (that stands for darling husband) whacked out some walls and placed a window right where that green tape is on the wall.  He also planted an ornamental crabapple tree in the yard so that I could see the blossoms from the window while I sat at the table.
Nice isn't it?
(Notice how I have manged to get away from the subject?  Pretty good distraction eh?)  Yes, I am still in strong denial over this chapter!

The next chapter is about getting rid of the clothes that cut off your circulation.  I know and understand what Geneen is talking about here and I haven't really had a problem with this (except when I was a teenager and that was only when I was borrowing a girlfriend's clothes), unfortunately right now I am in between sizes (which is my current dilemma).  If I eat something for breakfast that bloats me  I go to the old size, and it's really easy to go there because everything is loose and comfortable, and it tells me that I have lost a few inches (except after about an hour of wearing my jeans all it would take is one good yank and they would slip right off my hips and that is it's own source of discomfort!).  If I put on my new size I feel fat, and annoyed.  Fat because there are ugly bulges still, and annoyed because I have all of these lovely new clothes and I can't wear them in comfort.  It's bad for my self esteem.  There is, of course, a very simple solution to this,  and any of you have been reading my blogs so far would know that that solution (a diet), would just backfire in the most devasting way.  I get impatient and annoyed about it, but there really isn`t anything else I can do.  I will fit into those pretty clothes one day, just not when I want to.

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