Sunday, February 5, 2012

Eldest: The Inheritance Cycle

Part two of The Inheritance Cycle.  Still a very tight story, packed with more adventures, and experiences and interesting twists.  I liked the format chosen to cover three stories, each one with it's own intensity, which switched off on each other in an easy way.  I liked that there was even more back story, and had to chuckle a bit at some of the newer characters like the baby that was blessed in Eragon which has now grown up a little to be freakishly spooky in a very 'Dune' kind of way.    Which isn't a bad thing.   Consider what kind of story this would be for someone who has never read a fantasy in their lives?   It would be a very clever story to them, I think.    Just consider, for instance, how much Agatha Christie's Poirot has been loved irregardless of the fact that it was very obvious that Christie 'borrowed' quite heavily from Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes.  It's still a good story, no matter the origins.  I also liked how vegetariansim was covered, and I thought it was neat how the elves' exercise regimen seemed to be borrowed from yoga's sun salutations.   The conclusion was satisfying, there is curiosity for what happens next, especially after such an interesting twist.  It is all wrapped up in a handsome red package of over six hundred pages which was a pleasure to read.

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