Wednesday, May 22, 2013

American Gods

Ever had a favourite mythology?  When I was a girl it was the Greeks.  I ransacked both the school library and the community library in my search for more about the Greek gods and goddesses, and when I was older, because these books were all in the same aisle, my love for other kinds of literature was born.  I loved to read classical literature (Plato and Aeschylus were amongst my favorites), and other plays of interest (Shakespeares tragedies and comedies).
After I read this I wanted to read some more (mythology that is).  Actually ever since The Long Dark Teatime of the Soul by Douglas Adams I have been meaning to read some Norse mythology, and after reading American Gods I find that there is just so much more out there for me to find out about.  I have heard that there will be a sequel and I will be the first one in line for that.
This is my first grown-up Gaiman book.  I was a little surprised with the colorful language, but reading further into the book, it just couldn't have been any other way.  I loved the god cameos and in particular I was really fond of Mr. Nancy.  The story was intriguing, mysterious, ugly and funny.  I am hoping that this is the literary style for Gaiman's adult books, as I really enjoyed this one and I gleefully look forward to reading the rest.  I can't help but mention (you know me I really can't help it), that I noticed the influence of Ray Bradbury in his style, and I am really impressed.  Oh and I totally knew it was in the klunker!

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