Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Ghost Knight

There's nothing I love more than a Cornelia Funke book.  Not only is the story original and captivating, but the actual book itself is a pleasure to behold.  We are not talking over-embellishments or really expensive bindings etc., just plain, simple beauty.  Each book I have ever owned of hers has looked and felt just lovely in my hands, and with the ability of the story to enthrall me too I am always a little overwhelmed and a little grateful that such a writer has taken such pains to make something that is truly worthy of being treasured.  I don't care that I am an adult and that her stories are for children...I must have them all!  These are the exception to my usual buying practices...I always buy them in the hardcover because they are just so beautiful.
Being a King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table fan, Ghost Knight just tickled my hunger for another knightly tale, and if you have never read the Arthurian legends, you will want to have a closer look at them after reading this.  Of course, Funke is also an equal opportunist, so if you like Ghost Knight you will also like Igraine the Brave, another knightly adventure.  On the whole Funke protagonists are children, exceptional children (male and female) who do exceptional things in magical surroundings.  Magical because Funke has a gift for transporting the reader to another place or another time, if it's in Venice, Italy or in a fantasy world of her own imagining, she will make you believe that you were really there.

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