Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Girl Power

I have been reading some great graphic novels of late (shopping for the school library where I work), and it has been quite noticable in a lot of the books that I have bought that the protagonist has a very strong female character.  I like this.  For too long the comic world has had their women in tight spandex with small waists, huge chests and big hair, so it's nice to come across something for the rest of us (the regular sized women of reality).
Of course I just love Zita!  Incredible things happen to her and she just goes with the flow, and does what she thinks is right.  Zita is the ideal super hero for young girls, she's accessible and possible.  She's a great role model (and I am so going to dress up like her at Halloween).
I wanted to get out my knitting needles after reading this one.  I think the girls at my school could learn a lot from Mirka.
The cover drawing says it all about Emily.  She's a tough young girl with lots of love in her heart for her family and the determination to do what is necessary.  She does all of the hard stuff for them, and that is a good thing to see and read about.
 Now I have heard some objections about this series.  They didn't like how sometimes the females are little too good looking, and a little too underdressed.  But I have always felt that Rose and Thorn are some of the fiercest graphic novel broads I know.  Just look at the covers of these two books.  They look tough and unafraid of getting dirty so that they can to do what is important, what is necessary. 
I love how the stereotype is broken in this graphic novel.  We've got a girl going out to deal with the monsters instead of waiting for some prince to step in...
...and last but not least, we have Dorothy.  I really love this version of the classic story. I have always wanted to re-introduce the Oz books back in to circulation and this is a brilliant way to do it.

No bones about it (har har), we have some very strong girls in our graphic novels these days, and I am always on the lookout for more.  Not only are the girls in the books they are writing them too, and I just love the positive message and the great role modeling example for our girls.

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