Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Small Assassin

Some favourite one-liners from The Small Assassin, the hooks that add oomph, that weave magic with words, those sentences that are so typically Ray Bradbury.

  • Just when the idea occurred to her that she was being murdered she could not tell.
  • She shuddered, a convulsive motion, like a fish trying to free itself from a deep-swallowed hook.
  • There was a moment of green silence.
  • He could tell their ages and their sizes by the sound of their numerous feet over the summer grass and on the lined pavement, and over the asphalt street, and picking through the cluttered bricks to where  his car hung half into the night sky, still spinning its wheels with a senseless centrifuge.
  • If he tried to find another World beyond them, the trees wove themselves thick with the wind, to still his curiosity, to stop his eyes.
  • It was a wonder when Grandma brandished silver shakers over the bird, supposedly sprinkling showers of mummy-dust and pulverised Indian bones, muttering mystical verses under her toothless breath.
  • Beautifully, beautifully dead.
  • There in the middle of the simple room sat the tombstone.
  • It was the sensation of silence that the most notable aspect of the house.
  • It was very convenient to die for Mr. Benedict.
  • They took hold of Michael and pushed him out the window.
  • The town is so quiet and far off, you can only hear the crickets sounding in the spaces beyond the hot indigo trees that hold back the stars.
  • “He looks like a bottle of milk.”

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