Monday, January 21, 2013

More Vampires sigh...

 I have to admit that I am so sick of vampires!    I have, over the past few years read a few new vampire books, mostly urban fantasy (there's loads of vampire porn out there I kid you not), and then there's all of the young adult crap as well (okay, maybe I shouldn't be so judgemental, but this whole vampire craze has really gone overboard!).  I would not know where to begin reading some of it, so for the most part I have resisted.  Twilight was just a fluke, I just happened to pick it up in a bargain bin and I was curious to see what the furor was about, and after I had read one I wanted to read the rest (because it was refreshingly different).
Fortunately I was put on to the good stuff in Charlaine Harris' Southern Vampire series and I value those books quite a lot..  I have dabbled a little in other collections, only to pitch them before the first chapter is done ( I really, really, really don't care about vampire sex!).  Last year I came up with a vampire reading category which didn't go too far (there is so much mindless sexy fluff and drivel, it was really disappointing), but I had, at least, read the original Dracula by Bram Stoker, which I did like quite a bit.  I liked him, he's what I expected a vampire to be like, so when I read Interview With The Vampire by Anne Rice, I wasn't disappointed.   I was deeply interested in the inner dialogue of vampire Louis, and I could also see how this book had influenced other writers of vampire fiction.

I have mixed feelings about this book, I took a few days to finish it, needing breaks from the heady angst and the suspense, I considered not finishing it at all, but I am glad that I did.  There are nine other vampire books by Rice out there, but I am not sure I would read them for this reason (heady angst etc)...  I know that they would be well written however, so if you want a quality vampire book, she's your gal.  If you do want the sex, then Charlaine's books would be the best bet (compared to others, her's almost seem tame when it comes to the sex, so don't be scared off by that because they are really good stories).  Interview  would even, I think, make an amazing movie... it's just too bad that the one that they did make, I will never, ever watch because they used both Pitt and Cruise in it ugh!

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