Friday, January 11, 2013

The Anything Box

I was put on to this writer through reading Amongst Others by Jo Walton, and I'm glad I had a look at her stories.  Given that this was a collection of short stories (and I am a little ho hum about that considering the amount of short stories I know I will be reading this year), I wasn't disappointed in this collection.  They were strongly Bradburyesque in their creep-factor, but I really liked them. I was reminded of a Brother's Grimm type of storytelling but with a modern and spacey spin.
Kids, to me, in a science fiction/fantasy story always represent the wild cards... you just don't know what might happen and it can get pretty scary and tense or wonderful.  Throw teachers in to the mix and it goes over the top in potential nastiness or greatness.  I had to laugh at the comment one of the teachers made about just giving a kid a yell and a smack if they don't get in line... how far we have come since Zenna Henderson was a teacher!  

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