Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Girl Who Played With Fire

 Scandinavian Mystery came up again in my reading roster so I picked up the next in the Millenium Series with some slight trepidation.  I was quickly drawn in however.  I really like Mikhael Blomkvist and I adore Lisbeth Salander.  The first time around I was just getting to know these two, and trying to familiarize myself with Sweden so I could get a better picture in my mind.  It was exciting to have new experiences.  While the picture of Sweden is still too vague for my liking (the book I picked up from the library was not very good), I can easily get the food references which is neat (and I have adopted the soup on Thursdays...especially the pea). 
I am rooting for them both, and in this book I got a better picture of Lisbeth's life and why she is the way she is.  Naturally I don't expect them to get together in some great romance at the end... I just want them to get what makes them happy, peace for Lisbeth and justice for Mikhael (he really is a good, caring guy).  Lisbeth has been alone for so long and it is extremely exhausting to have to fight all of the time for peace and quiet.  She has never been given what most people just take for granted, which has hooked me in to her story because I just want to see her get what she really deserves.
It is such a big fat book full of so much action, it really was satisfying in an odd way.  Last time I needed some space before plunging in to the next book, this time I can't wait.  Because of the way it was concluded, I have now jumped ahead to read the next one in line instead of following my planned reading schedule.
The jury is still out on if I will see the movies, I have become very disenchanted with how the movie and television industry has re-written some of today's popular books.   These days I am not too keen on seeing any new shows before I know if there is a book of it or not, because ten times out of ten the book will always be better.  As a result I have not been watching much television and have been devouring my books instead (which really isn't a bad thing).

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