Monday, February 18, 2013

A Lazy Weekend

Usually weekends that involve travel out of town to grocery shop are an all day affair and I am absolutely exhausted by days end, and extra sore to boot from all of the driving (it's a two hour round trip).  Add to that a really crappy night's sleep and you have Zombie me for the rest of the weekend. 
To get me through the rest of the weekend (because even in zombie form I still must read) was Changeless and Blameless by Gail Carriger.  These are books two and three of the Parasol Protectorate series, and they were such an easy, casual read (not requiring too many brains or effort to read...perfect for vegan zombies who lived on lots of Earl Grey tea and pretzels all weekend as well as the last of the spaghetti) that by the end of the second (which ended in a cliffhanger so to speak) I had to hurry on to the next one instead of waiting for next month.  Hence the double entry.  They really are a nice clean, balanced mix of steampunk and urban fantasy.

The bookcovers are pretty cheesy, but if you can get past that, you are in for a pleasant surprise. 

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