Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Golden Apples of the Sun

Since I don't feel that I should ramble on and on all of the time about how wonderful and marvellous and amazing Ray Bradbury's stories are I thought I would tell you instead about where he took me and who I encountered while I was reading this collection of short stories.
Starting with a lighthouse, I was scared silly by a dinosaur in love, chilled to the heart for a lone pedestrian (Fahrenheit 451 coming up!), cheered two gals on to a rocket, got creeped out in that Hitchcock kind of way, flew in  Chinese skies, became awestruck with Bradbury's genius as yet again he predicted someting not far from the truth (I cannot imagine what he must have felt!).  I read of two towns which battled by way of architecture, about embroidery as a means of prayer, seen the ugliness of black and white, heard the sound of thunder, been shown how limiting illiteracy really is, flowed around the world through an electrical wire, seduced peace and quiet, seen indecent exposure as a way of protest, all of the world in one filming lot, the worst garbage pick-up ever, the bewildering hormones of a girl, the boy who never grows up, and at the very last where no man has gone before for a handful of sunshine.  What a trip!

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