Sunday, February 3, 2013

Club Dead

I just love the cover art of this book!  The eight-pack I bought featured stills of the actors from True Blood on the covers of the first two, so I missed out.
In Club Dead Sookie has come up against the worse possible scenario yet in her relationship with Bill, and as a consequence she has suffered more than she thought possible, but yet again perservered through all of it to do what she believes is right, despite how she feels.  I really admire her for what she did, how she behaved,  and the good part is that in the end she did come out on top.  Somehow Sookie manages to survive again.
In this book we are provided with two new contenders in the Who-Will-Sookie-Happy-Ever-After-With?  Sweepstakes.  I don't like either of them very much, though I prefer Alcide to Eric (though I thought it cute when Eric couldn't bear Sookie's tears in Living Dead in Dallas).  Alcide can at least give Sookie more, like a good home, children etc.,  Eric is just another selfish vampire, though perhaps not as selfish  as others.
To tally up, Sookie got hurt badly twice, though one was not technically getting beaten up but I'll count it anyway.  So that's four in total.  Ten more books to go!

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