Monday, February 4, 2013

Dead to the World

Beginning this book I had a sense of visiting with a girlfriend.  I know Sookie pretty well by now and she really feels like my friend.  I once wrote to another author that whenever one of her books was due to come in the mail it felt like a visit from an old friend who was anxiously waited for,  excited over and very welcome.  Its' the same thing with Sookie.  We're all friends here now, it's just us girls, we love to hang out, have some coffee and stick together through thick and thin.
Sookie's had her fair share of both in this book (thick and thin), but for once, she did not get beaten up (yay).  Some serious life changing things have happened, and she handled them with the usual courage and strength.  Eric Northman was the focus in this book and it was actually kind of sweet.  I liked Sookie's attitude of enjoying the affair while she could, she's being kind to herself as well as just plain sensible.  Her life is just so different to everyone elses so I'm glad she found some happiness while she could (and it helped put Bill into the background).  Of course, her life is still hard, and I dont' see when it will get better, I think she will probably have to struggle the rest of her life, but it would be so much better if she had someone (Sam...please make it Sam!).

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