Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Dead As A Doornail

With this fifth book the Sookieverse has become more complicated.  Harris has introduced some more background to her fictional world and it has just made things more exciting than before (though I like some of her characters even less).  But that's natural.  Some of them are just the biggest arsehats imaginable, though there is some new blood mixed in to make things more interesting. 
There were so many threads to this particular book it was kind of like a soap opera which is okay because it changes things up, we don't get the same old routine (this is what probably has kept Harris' story so fresh for so long).  Sookie gets hurt again, but not as bad as before.  I can't really go into it because I hate to drop spoilers.  I am particularly fond of the new character introduced, and, since I have already read everything up to date I am looking differently at the others (especially the one that was just stuck in oh so sneakily...I 'll be watching him carefully).  Ooops....well that was just a vague allusion, there are so many guys in the plot now.  A great rollicking read which was a pleasure from start to finish.
To date Sookie has been hurt five times in various horrible ways, I don't know how she continues to plug along as she does, it 's not like she earns this treatment! 

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